Sight Marketing creates business relevance by aligning organizational activities to better connect companies with customers.
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The two greatest challenges facing corporate leaders today are: creating predictable earnings per share and leveraging big data to make intelligent customer decisions.

Unlike other agencies that treat symptoms of these challenges, Sight Marketing is focused on the one strategic element of your business that has the largest single impact on both...your customer relationships.

Nobody else takes your customer's point of view and helps your business become more aligned, connected and relevant.

After 2.5 million intentional experiences with more than 151,000 global customers and an unprecedented 22.7% engagement rate, we've learned a thing or two.

Customer Engagement Agency
Sight Marketing is a customer engagement agency in Minneapolis Minnesota. Over the last four decades Sight Marketing has combined the skills of an ad agency with business consulting and technology solutions to connect healthcare marketing clients with their customers. Read more about customer engagement agencies

Strategic Alignment
"Strategic alignment" means coordinating marketing, sales and operations activities for a focused customer experience. For more about how Sight Marketing helps healthcare with strategic alignment, follow this link.

Connect with Your Customers
Connect with your customers in real time, through multiple channels and turn data into action. What does it mean to truly connect with customers? Find out more

Creating Relevance
Customer engagement is a win-win situation. When you create relevance for customers, it also creates value for companies. See how Sight Marketing turns conversations into relevance for customers and value for companies.

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